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  • We tell great and

    challenging stories

  • We create

    engaging content

  • We have a big commitment

    with nature, culture and health

Our story begun as a dream

Our passion for nature and culture moved us to create amazing and inspiring stories and gather us together.

Why Batsù

The word “Batsù“ means Hummingbird on Bribri native dialect in Costa Rica and as a mythological character the hummingbird carries the whispers between the gods and the people. We appropriate this name because it is the perfect metaphor for us, symbolizing our roots, our deep link with nature and our passion to tell and share stories.


We make special designs fitting the client and project needs


We create powerful and inspiring content following highest quality standards and processes.


We have many years of experience in the field and have faced successfully many projects under challenging conditions.


We love to create, inspire and communicate!

We have evolve and grow!

Our commitment with nature, culture, health and sustainable development is stronger every day and we are proud of our talented team and the projects we work on. We are sure many amazing stories are awaiting us to be told, and we are ready for the journey!

Meet the team

We present you our talented team

Daniela Calvo B.

Filmaker, designer

Daniela Calvo B.

His grandfather's tales and movies inspired her to become a storyteller. Her greatest passion is documentary filming, she has great experience in narrative, video and communication strategies.

Francisco Azofeifa S.

Photographer, Designer

Francisco Azofeifa S.

Lego blocks and comics fueled his creativity as a child (and still today). He loves digital illustration, editorial design, and brand creation. I have stands out for his talent designing characters and his amazing nature photos.

Alvaro Cubero V.


Alvaro Cubero V.

Recognized wildlife photographer and certified naturalist guide. He loves audiovisual arts, especially when it comes to nature. His biggest passion is bird watching and amphibians.

Marvin Solís A.


Marvin Solís A.

He has always had a thing for cameras! He has more than 26 years of experienced and has explore all formats: tv shows, documentaries, long films, short films. His biggest passion is to create breathtaking images.


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